Frequently Asked

When you subscribe to a plan, you can choose which type of vegetables you want to get at the end of the season and we will grow it for you. The list will contain the seasonal vegetables as per the time of year, so you can choose accordingly.

Grow My Crop farms have the farmers that will actually grow the vegetables for you so that you can receive the fresh organic produce when the vegetables mature. If you want to get engaged with the farming process or leave everything up to the farmers and just enjoy the peace in open lands, it’s totally up to you.

Grow My Crop farms are located in Rohtak, Haryana near Mount Litera Zee School on Sohna Road. On your way towards Jagan Farms on the Sohna Road, you can find Grow My Crop farms in the vicinity.

Choose from various sizes of 1200*,1800* and 2400* square feet plots at the Grow My Crop farms.

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